Spring arrives quite late to Mackinaw City. The ice from the straits breaks up and the freighters resume their shipping. The birds return from their long journey North and one of the first signs of Spring is sighting our state bird the robin. Trilliums blanket the forests with their white flowers and the elusive morel mushroom makes its appearance. Apple trees are in bloom and all of those hibernating critters resume their daily routines, including that Spring favorite the mosquito. Perhaps one of the most unique Spring blooms in Mackinaw is the beautiful fragrant lilac. With their aroma on the air this flowering woody plant is celebrated with a Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island. Welcome Spring.


Summer in Mackinaw is perhaps the busiest of the four seasons. The guests return for that special boat trip to Mackinac Island, where only horse, man, and bicycle trod. The glistening Great Lakes are beaming with blue surf and the Mighty Mackinac Bridge stands tall and proud as a welcoming sign for visitors from the North and South. Sea gulls take to the air and families share those memory laden picnics at road side parks. Strolls through town, along lakes, and on wooded paths slow us down to reflect on the beauty of this place. The sweet smell of campfires fill the air as embers burn and stories are told of Great Lakes adventures. Treats of fresh caramels, ice creams, and magical Mackinac fudge are served with a smile and some carefully wrapped for that pleasant journey home. Forever remembered.


Fall in Mackinaw is a treasure. Maple leaves dance on the breeze painting a living tapestry. Squirrels scurry to snatch their acorns and store them away for another day. Flocks of Canada geese head South in perfect formation, while crows survey pumpkin patches. The Fall breeze reminds us of lazy Summer days and prepares us for the beauty of Winter about to arrive. For many the cabin in closed for the season, with quiet reflection of the memories made at the lake. White tailed deer are in pursuit and black bears prepare for a long nap. The fireplace is readied and wood neatly stacked. Harvest festivals and scary parties are attended and the echo of Trick of Treat is heard in the village streets, what Fall fun. We rake, we pile, we jump in the multi-colored leaves of Mackinaw.


White with snow, Mackinaw becomes blanketed in the simplicity of the season. Vibrant cardinals dart about the frozen landscape. The majestic white birch tree stands uniquely against the fragrant cedar forests. Pine reigns supreme as the Northern woods lay dormant. The hum of snowmobiles is on the air, racing the trails as only they can in the Winter. Snowshoes and skis fill the family ride as lodges prepare for Winter hospitality. Pasties are enjoyed by fireside and soups and stews simmer on the stove as lights are strung with a warm glow against the homes and streets covered in snow. The shovel becomes our best friend as family and friends gather to share in this Winter Wonderland. Simple, quiet, revered.