Immerse yourself in the Splendor of the Four Seasons.

  • We offer Unique Products Inspired by the Colors, Scents, and Textures of the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
  • From the timeless brush strokes of Original Paintings to the unique shapes and colors of Handcrafted Pottery.
  • Share a laugh at the whimsy of Folk Art or smile at the beauty of Handcrafted Quilted pieces.
  • Take in the lofty fragrance of Spring Lilacs or the unique scent of Blackberry Sage with our Michigan Made soaps and candles.
  • Our collection of Metal and Stained Glass leaves are visual celebrations all to themselves.
  • Home Décor, floral arrangements, handmade pillows, and themed linens provide something from the softer side.
  • We have assembled a variety of artfully creative and functional birdhouses from the finest of unique wood species.
  • Northern Inspired Wood carvings, and Distinctive Gifts also abound.
  • These carefully selected Unique products all share center stage here at Seasons of Mackinaw.